Pholarnunfarm Co., Ltd. is the only one company in the East which can definitely and fully eliminate your messes while create and manage your best transportation system.

P.A.F. is the only one offering customers 5 classes of vehicles under one billing. After choosing your most favorite, you will get the high standard of transportation service which is operated by our real professional team.

If you must be patient or get suffered with transportation complications, particularly dealing with a large group of passengers, just contact us; we very appreciate to help and support you to reach your goals. We can do everything for you even managing cost, planning, routing, controlling, organizing, proceeding, following up and reporting, and developing service in the way you wish. What you would do then is just being happy with our service.

P.A.F. provides all customers everything they need even every single special care requirement concerning their usages and spends. Therefore, even rainy day or busy day, we can guarantee our services.

P.A.F. provides various styles of transportation services. And we are always ready to give customers all information about each vehicle, including their locations, routing, and other necessary information.

P.A.F. allows you to create our transportation service to be like your dream. Customer can participate in designing an exclusive feature which supports service usages while saves time and budget.

P.A.F. can provide customers an Excel or PDF information report for preparing and managing your cost, making an importation decision, knowing essential information and others. And as the data always available in real time, therefore, customers can access the information during or right after any job is completed.

P.A.F. keeps all customersí information, including transaction, destination and route details, specific requirements, service charges, and others, for providing the next efficient service and for giving customer a privilege.

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With our best performances and complexities,we are standing as the best transferred service provider of the East.

Besides concentrating on being perfect, we concentrate on vehicle and service development, well manufacture, maintenance and repair, safety standard improvement, and great hire and sale, while focus on the decreasing of environment pollution, consuming less energy, and increasing customerís profitability. | More + |

The best style, punctuality, convenience, luxurious elegance, trustworthiness, safety, reliability, impression, service mind, and your highest expectations from the transportation service, we can provide.
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